A new business

Deciding to set up on your own in business is a big decision and also a pretty scary one.  I’ve never worked for myself before, never been at the top of the ladder, responsible for every single decision and action that the business makes and that’s a little daunting.  However, when faced with the decision to work for someone else doing something most likely, uninspiring or set up my very own cake business, I decided to go for it.  How exciting, the baking, the creating, the taste testing and the experimenting.  It all rainbow’s and unicorn’s, sparkle’s and yumminess.  Until, that is you decide to take your fabulous little hobby and turn it into a legitimate, credible business.

I needed a name…. I didn’t want to be Sarah’s Cakes or have a name that didn’t mean something to me.  I wanted a name that was a little different, something I felt connected to.  In a flash of inspiration my husband thought of ‘Rock the Bake’, he has his uses.  I loved it the moment he suggested it.  I felt it told a story of what I want each of my cakes to do, it was fun and it also had a little sentimental meaning for me too.

Decision made, I then employed the services of the lovely and very talented Rebecca at Becky Black Design.  I tasked Becky with creating me an identity for my business.  We sat down and discussed what I was looking for, what feel I wanted and what I didn’t want for my business.  She came up with a number of ideas and I chose my favourite for her to develop.  I have to say this part was exciting and fun. If you have any design requirements I can highly recommend Becky’s services, she can be contacted by email, studio@beckyblack.co.uk

Busy behind the scenes I was also developing my website.  Again, all fun.  Then… I had to open a bank account…. Yawn, find some insurance, yawn, speak to the accountant (who is very lovely) about tax and business-y stuff yawn, Register with HMRC and put together a whole host of spreadsheets to try and figure out how much to charge and how much profit I need to make to run a successful business.  After all if I’m not making a profit at the end of all of this I might as well be working for someone else right..?  There is so much else that goes with it, sending receipts and updating spreadsheets with costs, each of my cakes is bespoke and therefore each is quoted on an individual basis.

Oh, and I had to have my kitchen inspected by the local council. I was so nervous, however, the inspector was lovely and was happy with my kitchen and the procedures I am following.  I was awarded a 5 out of 5 star rating in December for which I was over the moon.

So there it is, the less fun, less romantic side to setting up a cake decorating business but at the end of it I am now, certified, legal and insured.  I am happy to say that I now feel like I’m finding a level and am most of the time back to the creating and yumminess. I know my numbers and I have a website and brand I am very proud of.  Now it’s time for Rock the Bake to start rocking 2017!

Happy new year everyone.